Event Portable Toilets

Latta Hire provide only the highest quality chemical flushing, self-contained toilet units for the events market. Complete with toilet paper dispenser and hand sanitizer gel, all fully stocked and cleaned to an exceptional standard, ensure that your event toilets are a pleasant and hygienic experience for all guests.

Single unisex units with fully self-contained chemical flushing toilet. All units come with toilet paper dispenser, alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser, sky-light roof, vanity mirror, coat hook and door lock as standard.

Weight : 85 Kg (Empty) / Width : 1166 mm / Depth : 1215 mm / Height : 2316 mm / Door Height : 1975 mm / Door Width : 639 mm / Waste Tank Capacity : 225 litres

All Latta Hire event units come with fully stocked toilet paper and alcohol hand gel dispenser. We believe this is the most hygienic and mess free solution for your event toilets. We use a gel that feels great to use and is clinically proven to maintain skin health.

  • Includes moisturisers to help keep skin healthy
  • Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may be harmful
  • Conforms to: Bactericidal according to EN 1500 (hand sanitiser), EN 12791 (surgical rub), viricidal according to EN 14476
  • 70% alcohol formulation is suited for frequent use by hospital staff
  • No-rinse hygienic hand rub
  • Specially formulated with moisturisers to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed
  • Recommended on hands that are lightly soiled & in conjunction with a hand hygiene regime
  • Passed food tainting test in accordance with EN 4120:2007
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At Latta Hire we understand that the cleanliness and the condition of your event toilets are paramount to the success of your event. With that in mind we are stringent with the cleaning of all our units, using only the highest quality biodegradable toilet additives on the market. All toilet units receive a deep clean prior to delivery and once on site, consumables are stocked up before a final test and inspection is carried out.

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